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Hello everyone. I am back. Health problems but all fixed.

If you need to talk with me give me a call.

My services are available but I haven't set up a bank account yet. So you can call me and I will give you a Zelle account that you can use to pay.

None of my prices are fixed so we can talk about what you need and work out what you can pay.There is a free daily service you can sign up for. You will receive a daily link to the days youtube video to watch. You will also get a free session with me if you want to check me out and have questions. To start call the 888 number listed top of page. Many folks prefer not to sign up on my website and I understand. You can also email me at

I am here to help anyone that needs help.

Thank you

Happy a great day

Sri Astra

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Website still being worked on

Hello everyone. Many are asking me when my new website will be completed. I am guessing another month. Meanwhile if you need to talk to me, you should feel free to call or email me. thanks Astra


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